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Laundry Room Progress with Riad Tile Black Hexagon Tiles

BY Camille Lai

This post was sponsored by Riad Tile.

Our laundry room wasn’t (isn’t) very functional and definitely not pretty. As a family of six, I spend way more time here than I would like to. Let’s face it, making my laundry room pretty will not improve my attitude about laundry (hhhaaattteee it, in case that wasn’t obvious.) We know this.

One thing is for sure, though. Making a space more functional and simplified is literal therapy. There’s magic in that.

But first, pretty. I love pretty. Pretty is always a goal so let’s talk about that!

Updated Mood Board
The Way It Was A.K.A Clutter Mania

So much clutter. I’ve been treating this space like a Monica Closet. You know that spare room where you just throw everything you don’t want to deal with in and close the door? Except…this space isn’t really a door I can close and ignore. We do laundry here. Multiple times per week. And it’s a little bit (read a lot) of a butler’s pantry too. Our microwave is in here, some overflow pantry stuff, and our big pots and pans, along with random decor items. And I know you can peep my paint can shelf.

Back in November, we did a huge purge sesh and let go of so many things that really were. Just. Clutter.

A Look at Where We Are 9″ X 8″ Black Hex Tiles Courtesy of Riad Tile

We’re only about halfway through this project, but the first order of business was covering up the ugly unfinished garage flooring by installing tiles. I chose gorgeous black hexagon tiles from Riad Tile that instantly modernized the space. I’m obsessed with the matte look and handmade craftsmanship.

Can’t wait to see the room all finished with these Riad tiles blazing the way to pretty and functional!

Next Up?

Glad you asked. We’re covering the ugly popcorn ceiling and then installing cabinets. Hopefully, within about two…iiisshh months. Fingers and toes crossed.

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